• Children in our school are admitted at the minimum age of 3 years in nursery.
  • Application for the admission must be submitted on the printed and prescribed from obtained from the school fee counter.
  • Application form should be filled in good hand writing . Incomplete application forms can be cancelled.
  • Students of nursery are admitted on the basis of interview only. Admissions in U.N. to onwards are made on the basis of pre-admission tests and interviews. Pre Admission tests will be carried out to test the ability of grasping Hindi, English, Science, and Maths among the new comers. Guardians are therefore requested not to put undue pressure on the Management/Principal for any unfair admission through any type of recommendations or through any other source.
  • Guardians are also requested to submit proper birth certificates as a proof of the age of their wards. In case he/she is selected for admission, transfer certificate must be submitted within 15 days of the admission. Failing which admission is liable to be cancelled. Birth certificate/T.C. should be original.
  • The student selected for admission must join on the date specified failing which the admission may be cancelled.
  • In all matters pertaining to admission the decision of the principal will be final. The principal may reject any application without assigning any reason thereof.